1996 x Vexed were formed by Mik with the intention to aim to a devastating black/thrash metal bastardly old school.

1999 x the debut tape e.p. “Abyss of Agony” is released, more than 400 sold copies and 450 promotional copies were spread.

2000 x more songs were composed and recorded / mixed by john from Necrodeath at “Dynabyte Studio”,; the tracks recorded have been destined for promotion, receiving good feedback and reviews anywhere. From this promo, the band has released: “Endless Armageddon” (2002) on Witchhammer prod., “Blood upon the Void” (2001) on Anger Music and a split version of this, with the brasilian thrashers farscape (2001) on Deathstrike rec.

2001 x recordings for a split with Hatework. Took place. The two bands decide to especially compose some material bound to give value and honour to italian metal underground scene.

2003 x the band has recorded the second full length album called “Nightmare Holocaust” released from Witches Brew records. Special guest john from Necrodeath on “Blasphemer”, Sodom cover. The band has released too a new single 7” for Dream Evil record, “Nuclear Babylon”.

2004 x the band has recorded the third full length album called “Destruction Warfare” released from Witches Brew Records. Destruction’s total desaster cover.

2005 x after five years in Vexed, claud left the band for internal problems.

2006 x the band has recorded the fourt full length album. Called “Hellblast Extinction”; Vexed has recorded too some last gigs, for releasing the new dvd planned for end 2006. Both works will be released for feasting the first 10 years of Vexed.

2008 x out “Violent Blast Metal” box that includes every records released and various limited stuff and rarities.