Emberstar was formed at the turn of 2017-2018 by Jacopo Terzaroli (vocals) and Raffaele Muscatiello (guitar).

A project that originally started out as a studio project merged the pool of influences and experiences of the two original composers, who had already played together in the thrash metal band Earquake (2001-2004).

The two began to compose a number of tracks and independently recorded a 5-piece demo, which would not see the light of day, however the dedication and desire to create continues. Drummer Michelangelo was introduced to them in 2020, and the two original members were keen to integrate his skills into the band’s line-up immediately.

The band continues to write and evolve, refining and concluding pieces that will enter the studio at the end of 2022. At that time, Emberstar are still without a bass player, but determined to complete their first album.

The decision to record at Leonardo Bellavista’s Void Studio (already active on the Italian scene with bands such as Vexovoid, Burial and Coexistence) proved fortuitous for the band, who later welcomed Leonardo as bassist.

After a few more months of work, the album entitled ‘Dialogue With The Outside’ will see the light of day on 25 September 2023, accompanied by a live presentation date.

The album presents in its unity a clear example of the various influences of the composers, ranging from classic metal and NWOBHM, to Speed, and Thrash metal of both American and European matrix, with veins at times more Progressive at other times more extreme, and with elements of Black.