Engine Driven Cultivators

Engine Driven Cultivators formed in 2003 in the vicinity of Rome. As a four members act (Daniele – voice, guitars; Adriano – guitars; Mattia – bass; Jacopo – drums), the band started composing its own original thrash metal tunes with the only intention to have fun and play noisy live shows. A three track demo called Devastation Lands was released a year later.

In 2005 the band recorded its first full-lenght, Rattletrap. The album proved to be a well-balanced mix of American and European thrash metal, and even though the sound quality was still rough, the aggressive and urgent mood of the compositions made up for it.

The band played several gigs for the promotion of Rattletrap, including summer festivals. After a short break due to abroad work issues, EDC started writing new material for a follow up album. A more professional approach was adopted for the recording, which this time took place in Kutso Studios with producer Matteo Gabbianelli. In 2009 the band released Helly Gator, which again, without following any particular trend of the genre, resulted in a personal blend of thrash elements, though channelled in a more technical direction if compared to its predecessor. EDC’s delirious attitude was more intact than ever (featuring guitars smashed on the floor and down-the-stage performances among the headbanging crowds), and people’s interest around the band, along with live shows attendance, increased.

In 2010 Alessandro stepped in for vocal duties, as Daniele decided to concentrate only on guitar. The following year, EDC recorded their third full-lenght, Back From The Drainpipe. The album was once again recorded in Kutso Studios, and it showed itself as a natural continuation and improvement of Helly Gator in  terms of technicality and overall orientation. Feedbacks for the new vocalist were enthusiastic and live performances were more energetic than ever. The band played shows throughout the country and was also offered to open for Testament at the Total Metal Festival Open Air and to tour Europe with Neurasthenia, although after an initial confirmation had to reject both offers for act of God.

The writing process for the fourth effort started around the end of 2012. Nonetheless, this time around the band had to face some personal and familiar issues, which ended up slowing down the works for the new album. On the other hand, this gave the band the opportunity to craft the songs in a more accurate way, resulting in a number of even more technical though shorter compositions with distinctive unpredictable structures. The live activity was taken up again in 2015, with EDC dragging a new emerging thrash scene in the Capital.

Other familiar issues occurred in 2017, right before the recording sessions of the new album were started. Eventually, the band entered the 16th Cellar Studios in 2018 with producer Stefano Morabito. By the end of the year Insert Coin was done, and EDC proudly signed with Punishment 18 Records for a 2019 release.