Mesmerize formed in 1988, united by the passion for Heavy Metal music of that period and, after two demotapes and countless gigs around Italy, they debut with “Tales Of Wonder” in 1998 for Underground Symphony, which will also release their second CD “Vultures Paradise” in 2001.

In the meantime, their talented singer Folco Orlandini, very appreciated in the Italian metal scene, appears on albums by Time Machine and Khali, while Mesmerize appear on some Tribute-CDs dedicated to historical metal acts, released by various international labels (such as Dwell Records, USA and Axe Killler, France).

After signing with Dragonheart Records, Mesmerize release with them two new albums, “Off The Beaten Path” in 2002 and “Stainless” in 2005, which stands as a milestone in the evolution of their sound, a powerful and melodic heavy metal enriched by many different hues, from power to folk and thrash.

Mesmerize decide to restart from here with a new course, towards a more aggressive and modern sound, without disowning the past but opening up to new influences with no prejudices, and a three-tracks Promo-CD (“One Door Away”) is recorded in 2007.

In 2008, a videoclip is shot for the song “King Of Terror”, in collaboration with Astorina publishing house, dedicated to one of the most famous Italian comics character, Diabolik. This videoclip is released in 2009 in a DVD+CD edition featuring also three audio versions of the song.

2012 marks the comeback of Mesmerize: after some summer gigs, the band enters Octopussy Studios in September, to record the songs for the brand new album “Paintropy”, which will be released on April 29th 2013.