Untimely Demise
Untimely Demise

The Thrash/Death-Metal band ‘Untimely Demise’ was formed in April 2006 in Saskatoon, Canada by brothers Matthew and Murray Cuthbertson.
The group has made their mark on the metal music scene by incorporating the influences of genre-leaders Megadeth, Death, Arch Enemy, Testament, Exodus, and so forth into an ambitious package that places a paramount focus on guitar-work and musicianship.

In 2008 the ensemble began working with ex-Megadeth lead guitarist/producer Glen Drover in his private studio in Toronto. They have now recorded three albums together (“Full Speed Metal” EP 2009/ “City Of Steel” 2011/ “Systematic Eradication” t.b.r. 2013). Having toured Canada extensively for the last four years, Untimely Demise has built a reputation as a go-to group for headlining dates, but also as support for metal legends such as Anvil, Skeletonwitch, Massacre, Suffocation, 3 Inches Of Blood, Into Eternity, Goatwhore, Evile, Toxic Holocaust, Gama Bomb, Bonded By Blood, Obscura, Abysmal Dawn, etc. The band has been well-received by metal and traditional media, earning impressive print reviews and features in UK’s Metal Hammer Mag, Terrorizer, Rock Hard Italy, Hard Rocker Mag (Poland/Czech Republic) as well as Decibel (US), Exclaim, etc.

Among these accolades the band was nominated for a Sirius XM Canadian Independent Music Award for Metal Group of the Year in 2012.
The band has plans to begin touring Europe with the release of their new “Systematic Eradication” album.