Mosh-Pit Justice

Mosh-Pit Justice was spawn in the shores of Black Sea. Current band line up is: Georgy Peichev ( a.k.a. George Peich ) vocals , Staffa Vasilev -guitars,drums ,Mariyan Georgiev (a.k.a. Mariyan G. ) bass,backing vocals . In September 2012 the band released “The Serpent ” EP . 4 tracks of uncompromising Power/Thrash metal assault .Following year Mosh-Pit Justice vomited their self titled debut on EBM records .The album received really good recognition and acceptance by fans and critics, then “Justice is Served ” was released on Stormspell Records year later  The Following “Stop Believing Lies “  came out on Witches Brew Records and satisfied fans hunger for speed and melody .Now stretched over two different continents(Mariyan now lives in Tampa ,FL) Mosh-Pit Justice members are working towards recording their 4th  album .This Trans- Atlantic collaboration promises a fresh breath of air in today’s metal scene !!! So buckle up!!! . New album ” Fighting The Poison ” (with featuring guest musicians .. Mr. Glen Alvelais ( x-Forbidden/Testament/ Forbidden Evil -leads on” God Wills It ” and  Mr. Emil Markov ( x- Jeff Scott Soto Band ) is coming your way and it takes no prisoners !!