Abrin  is a Russian heavy metal band that was formed in Moscow in 2010 by guitarist Vyacheslav Zavershnev and  bands manager Alexey Zavershnev. The name for a band was took from toxinology area of science. The band mainly categorized as heavy metal, thrash metal and speed metal.

Abrin was formed in 2010 and at that date heavy metal was not widely popular. But against all odds father and son, Alexey and Vyacheslav decided to form a new band to play heavy metal music. Bands 1st line up consisted of vocalist S.Ivlev, guitarist Vyacheslav Zavershnev, bass guitar Dmitriy Buturlin and drums Nikolay Bashmakov. The bands debut show took place on 14 of September 2011 inMoscow. Abrin was supporting an Italian thrash metal band Neurasthenia. On 24 december 2011 the band played a joint concert with Russian bands Boney’ NEM and Театр Теней. In Spring 2012 was released the debut album «Мир зла» on «Life Music» label. Due to small budget it was recorded at home studio. In 2012 S.Ivlev left the band and was replaced by Vakhtang Zadiev in September 2013. With coming of Zadiev the band gets new wide-ranging and recognizable vocal sound. Due to introduce fans to the new sound and new vocals Abrin reissued the debut album in English. The new album was named «The World of Evil» and released in 2014 on «Life Music» label. In 2015 the new line up consisted of vocalist V. Zadiev , guitarist Vyacheslav Zavershnev, bass Maxim Garanin and drums Alexander Mavromatidis. 20 of October 2015 was released the new LP album named Возврата нет. The album was successful. Nearly after 4 months Fono ltd label has sold all the CD circulations. almost immediately the band launched a special Russian tour which consisted many Russian cities (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Elets, Electrostal, Voronezh and etc. ) Right after Russian tour was ended Abrin started recording a new studio album. It was named Hell On Earth. On 18th of November 2016 The bands first single from thr upcoming album has been unleashed. It was a powerful and energetic saga dedicated to famous F-1 racer Ayrton Senna called «The Last Turn». It was the first release to feature Andrey Smirnov famous Russian guitarist from U.D.O and Dirkschneider. At the end of 2016 Abrin played a year final show with the well known german band Iron Savior at Stereo Hall in Moscow.