Sun of The Endless Night
Sun of The Endless Night

Remember when UK thrash was a force to be reckoned with? When the likes of Onslaught’s ‘The Force’ and Sabbat’s ‘History Of A Time To Come’ went toe to toe with the best the rest of the world had to offer?
Well, three decades later, and thrash is a universal language once again, except that now, with the advent of the internet, it doesn’t matter where you call home. These are desperate times, and one corner of this hellhole Earth is much the same as another, and thrash metal has always been a musical form for voicing discontent, expressing your anger, venting your frustration – from Canada to Australia, from Russia to Brazil. And, with no thanks to the rise of global fascism, oppressive authoritarian governments, the ever-gaping holes in our atmosphere, civilization seemingly spiraling ever downwards towards oblivion, Sun Of The Endless Night have plenty to be angry and frustrated about.
And all that emotion has been expended writing some of the most vicious metal riffs you’ll hear this side of the Bay Area. Although SOTEN hail from the aforementioned UK. But don’t let that put you off. Because the UK thrash scene has been enjoying somewhat of an underground Renaissance in recent years, and members of SOTEN have an impeccable pedigree when it comes to delivering violent uncompromising music. Guitarist/songwriter Ade and bassist/lyricist Ian cut their teeth with UK metalcore legends, Stampin’ Ground (who issued three critically acclaimed albums through Century Media in the late Nineties), vocalist Si fronted UK crossover legends Anihilated for many years, guitarist Jim served time in Seventh Cross and Murder One, and drummer Colin with the renowned political thrash band, Suicide Watch. Ian also penned the definitive book on UK thrash, ‘Contract In Blood’, published by Cherry Red in 2018.
There’s no shortage of experience here, and every ounce of blood, sweat and tears these five have invested in the extreme metal scene over the years has been wrung into a poisonous chalice and served up afresh in SOTEN. With musical influences ranging from Kreator and Dark Angel to Vio-lence and Testament, and lyrical inspiration coming from the libertarian thinking of the anarcho punk scene, spitting venom at organized religion and the manipulative mass media, SOTEN keep it ruthlessly raw and relevant, and pull absolutely no punches when it comes to aggressive riffs and rhythms.
The pulse of thrash metal courses through their veins. They know but one way – and it’s fucking heavy and fucking fast. Fasten your seat belts, because ‘Symbols Of Hate And Deceitful Faith’ takes NO prisoners.

UK thrash is dead. Long live UK thrash. Reborn with fury.