Shock Troopers

They started playing punk rock music, mainly influenced by Misfits, Ramones & Motorhead. In 2002 the band, after some little gigs in Palermo, enlarged the line-up to five members: Claudia became the new bass player and Mario got on to play rhythm guitar.During this period Shock Troopers turned into another music genre starting to play faster, louder and more aggressive! So, Shock Troopers started to sound like bands such as DRI, SOD, old Agnostic Front and Suicidal Tendencies in the purest, oldest 80′s crossover style!

Later Luigi (former Feccia Tricolore’s drummer) became part of the band as well as Fabietto (former Sonny Corleone’s member) on bass in place of Claudia. This line up has gone on for about two years in which the band has played in several gigs in palermo supporting other Sicilian and Italian bands, like Woptime, Sonny Corleone, Feccia Tricolore, Skruigners, Rotten Boys, The Krushers.

In February 2004 the band recorded its first self produced demo CD, entitled “Bad Reality”. This demo CD received very good reviews from some Italian HC and Metal webzines.

2005 was a very troubled year: Luigi left the band and was temporarly substituted by Morgan, but this change didn’t achieve good upshots. So Giorgio was called to become the new definitive drummer of the band. During the summer of the same year Fabietto left Sicily and the band too. Andrea (bass) is the latest new member of the family.

This line-up saw the return on stage supporting Hatework and others… Brand new tracks, faster and louder than ever, were recorded at Circle Of Power Studios (Pa) during June 2006 and the band self produced their debut album “Shock Troopers” in 2007. The beginning of 2008 begins with a deal with Punishment 18 Records for the reissue of the debut album self titled.