Headcrasher project was born in 1984 for the will of drummer Roby Vitari, later in bands such as Creepin ‘Death, Mindwars and Jester Beast. In 1989, singer Claudio Gentile and Roby decided to move to Torino area to ensure greater success for their group’s future. In 1989, “Nothing Will Remain” was released, an important chapter for the Italian speed metal scene (originally released in vynil 12″). Two years later, the band released their second and final career full-length, “Introspection,” which features a faster and more aggressive heavy metal if compared to their debut. In 1992, the final break-in occurred. Except for the singer Claudio, the others members leaved Headcrusher and gave life to The Art of Zapping project. Claudio then puts on a new line-up with which Headcrasher published the EP “Brain Jokes”. The group definitively closes all activities in 1993.