The project Grievers was born in Milan during June 2008, thanks to the guitarists and long time friends Roberto Palmiero and Matteo Giugno.

The first 3 tracks demo was recorded after a little period of time, with a different line up than the actual one. Luca Croci joined the band the same year, and Grievers were ready for gigs; but after a few concerts, due to musical divergences, in September 2008 Michele Spallieri (ex Symmetric Disorder) and Syra became respectively new vocalist and drummer, giving rise to the actual line up. Grievers creates a particular sound which is the result of a mix between Melodic Death Metal (North Europe style) and Metalcore rhytmics, being modern and powerful at the same time. During Spring of 2009, the band started to record its first full length; this debut is entitled “Reflecting Evil”, it contains 8 brand new songs, and it will be produced by independent Italian label Punishment 18 Records.