Furious Barking

Formed in 1988 in Ascoli Piceno (Italy) from the meeting of artists of both Thrashcore and Classic Hard Rock origins, Furious Barking gathers with the precise intention of falling under the influence of the international Thrash-Death metal movement, with particular attention to the overseas (Forbidden, Testament, Obituary, Voivod).

In a few years the band earns a very wide audience in the neighbourhood, and in 1990 releases “De-Industrialized” (fusion of two early demos), bound to classical speed/thrash metal, which is remixed and released on vinyl by GCR Records the following year. The reviews are favourable, and the band intensifies its live activity (which leads it to perform with Vanadium, Stige, Electric Lady, Algophobia, and more); Gradually, the five Italian thrashers develop an apocalyptic power of expression which results in a powerful sound, as well as in complex, visionary songs.

With this final formula, Furious barking records, in the summer of 1992, its second album, “Theory of Diversity”, judged by the developers as an excellent piece of work, which however is not released, due to budget difficulties. Later on, the band comes across its first formation changes , its style shifting to a more orthodox death metal of north-european mould, but the arisen parallel commitments in Hardcore and Jazz-Rock grounds gradually corrode the cohesion of the band , which dies down a slow death in the end of 1993.

The members will then carry on in the underground, performing in bands like Algophobia, Affluente, Kristmmazzame, Castel Shout, Duroni, Mikra, In-Cute, ABG Project …