Endovein started their career in their hometown, Turin, in December 2004 due to a Marco “Swolley” idea. The first line up was composed by Giordie & Paulus (guitars), Fabio (drums), Stefano “Divano” as a vocalist and the founder member as the bass player. Endovein are influenced by bands like Forbidden, Testament, Megadeth & Anthrax with a particular attention for technical riffs and complex structures. After few months the band decided to publish their first demo “Lesson1: How to put Jack in the amp”, recorded with a very poor audio quality, but good enough to allow them to make some shows in Italy with some local underground bands. In 2007 was released the second demo called “Problem of Humanity”, from now on the band began to know better what will be her best friend: … the bad luck! In fact Marco, Giordie and Dabio decided to leave the band, and will be replaced from Mirko Negrino (bass), Vincenzo Colla (guitar) and Stefano Cavallotto (drums). In the next live shows the band even had the possibility to share the stage with UK thrash legends Onslaught! Just few days before the recording session of the forthcoming EP, the line up changed again, the drummer Stefano was fired by the band…according to his story, the band decided to entitle the release “Lynched by Fate”, it had a great number of positive reviews and allowed the band to make an Italian tour with their new drummer Daniele Ilardi. Endovein were contacted for some shows, one of them at “Revenge of true metal fest” and one with Onkel Tom Angelripper at 2010 new year’s day. As soon as 2010 started “Punishment 18 Records” decided to give Endovein the chance to publish their debut album, “Waiting for Disaster”!! Once again the bad luck chosen the band as her favorite victim and just after the full-length was released Vincenzo decided to quit, replaced after some months by Los…after some gigs the band lost also Daniele & Stefano due to personal reasons. After few months Stefano “Steve” Bianco and Alex Panza joined the band and began a new tour supporting the new single, No Walls No Doors realease…first song recorded from the new album, coming out in 2013.