The band was first formed in January 2003 by Luigi Cara (singer/bass), Giampiero Serra (drums) and Andrea Sechi (guitars). They chose old school black/death metal as the type of music they would play; their black death metal was initially unrefined but effective. Soon after, a fourth member, Ivan Carta, joined the band and gave major drive to the trio’s sound. In May 2004, the band went into the recording studio for the first time to record their demo “Hard Reality” – 5 black death metal songs that immediately transmitted the group’s intentions to the listener. In 2005, Ivan Carta left the band and the three remaining members became the only official members of Death Crush. In 2007, the band released their second album: a mini CD entitled “Extreme Claustrophobic Terror”. In order to promote their latest project, the band began to tour around the north of Italy alongside other Italian groups with a simialar musical background. In 2008, the band released a split, entitled “4 Way to Scream Your Hate” created with the help of Zora, Land Of Hate and Smashhead. The band now is working on new songs that will be recorded at the beginning of 2010 and later included in their first full-length album called “collective brain infektion”. Deathcrush have signed to Copro Records/Casket music.