Anthenora was founded in 1989. In the nineties the band released three demo-tapes than the became an Italian Iron Maiden tribute band, playing all around the country. In 2002 the band released a new self-produced promo EP titled “The General’s awakening” The EP was recorded at Remaster Studio Vicenza and produced by Tony “Mad” Fontò, leader of the well known Italian metal band White Skull. ‘Planet Jail’, the first track of the EP has been included in the compilation “Metal Underground” by the Canadian label MeatHead records. In 2003 they came back to Remaster Studio to record their first full-lenght album “The Last Command”. During the “Last Command Tour” on 2004 the band played at the Valpolicella Metal Fest (Verona-Italy) supporting Udo, Vader, Thunderstorm and White Skull. In 2005 the band recorded the 2nd full-lenght album titled “Soul Grinder”. In 2009 while the band started the recording session of the 3rd album: “The Ghosts of Iwo Jima”. In 2013 Gabry (guitar player from 1999-2005) rejoined the band and with him the band recreate on stage the power and the adrenaline of the first years performing several gigs.
In 2018, Peyo, a new friend joined the band as bass player taking the place of Kaste, and with him the band started to work on the new album, that will be released on 2020.