Animal House

Born from the ashes of Off & Brau Sisters, a cult cover band from from Gorizia, active since 2011, Animal House carry out the same mission without compromises. The slogan is always the same: “Your breathalysers will never stop our thirst”. Not a simple band, but an all(coholic)-star band capable of setting on fire any festival, motorcycle gathering and any club that is so reckless to give them a chance. “When the going gets tough, the tough get to play” said Bluto (John Belushi) in the movie that gives its name to this fuckin’ team of rockers, all of the best known musicians of the nothern east Italian scene. At the beginning, the infernal machine Animal House is a compact brotherhood capable of revisiting the great classics of rock, hard rock & heavy metal in an absolutely personal, cheeky, irreverent and damned telluric way. It all ends up in the Animalhouse meat grinder and sounds exactly what it should have sounded: Fuckin’ Loud! In a short time the band captured fans in every corner of the Northeast and neighboring Slovenia. Animal House has become a sort of cult appointment for the bikers in Italy and beyond, so much so that a page was dedicated to the prestigious Biker Life magazine. Some of the events (more than 700 dates in nine years of activity) attended by: International Biker Fest International, MC Pistoni Alati, Bintars Fest, Mk Sairach, Rihemberk, Road Runners Austria, MC kiowa Austria, Platting Germany Beer Festival, Piazza Unità Trieste and many others.
A dedication to the cause of rock that has given AnimalHouse considerable credibility. The result brought them collaborations with top names on the Italian scene: Elisa Toffoli, who personally chose the band for her birthday party where they duet with rock singer Cindy Cattaruzza and Andrea Rigonat (guitarist of Elisa). And again, the guest appareances of: Tommy Massara, Paolo Crimi, Gabry Giovanna and Gielle Perotti (Extrema) on the stage of the Ciao Luca Festival.
The band shared the stage with important bands such as: Blaze Bayley, Pino Scotto, Extrema, Elvenking, Absolva, Vicious Rumors, Hellcats, Sausages and many others.
In 2019 at the request of the Bintars motorgroup, they wrote their first unpublished piece entitled “Bintars” which becomes the hymn of the bikers group. The piece was written in collaboration with Michele Guaitoli (Temperance, Visions Of Atlantis) and Paolo Crimi (Extrema, Beer Bong).
At the beginning of 2020, Covid19 arrived and all the dates already scheduled were forced to be cancelled or skipped in Italy, Austria and Croatia, at which point the band must decide whether to stop and wait for the storm to pass or try to do what they like best: to keep his passion for music! So they decided to compose and record their first album of unreleased songs which, in December 2020, they finish recording, with two respectable guests: longtime friend Michele Guaitoli and Roberto de Micheli guitarist of Rhapsody of Fire.