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Mesmerize : video & CD artwork

Mesmerize : video & CD artwork

Italian Power/Thrash metallers MESMERIZE have revealed the complete front cover art for their new album “Paintropy”.

The artwork has been created by the finnish artist Jan Yrlund of Darkgrove, who has already worked with a huge lot of famous international metal bands (Manowar, Stratovarius, Korpiklaani, etc.).

“We’re really satisfied with the result” says bass player Andrea Tito. “It really captures the feeling of the album itself: the combination of Pain and Entropy, translating negative events or emotions into a chaotic and painful state of mind.”

“Furthermore, we really have to thank Yan for his help: besides being very professional all the way, he’s been very patient with us, and our continuous requests of changes and fine-tuning (yes, we can be a real pain in the ass sometimes!)”

Additionally, at the following link, the band of the singer Folco Orlandini has released a video with some footage coming from the recording sessions of their forthcoming album.

The release of “PAINTROPY” by the label PUNISHMENT 18 RECORDS is scheduled for April 29th, 2013.

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