Schizo “Rotten Spiral” release party

Schizo “Rotten Spiral” release party

Work in progress is “Rotten Spiral”, this the title of psycho-thrasher SCHIZO‘s new album, to be released by Punishment 18 Records.
The band recorded at New Sound Studio under the attentive guide of Tommy Vetterli (Coroner), who decided to become involved in this work which bodes to be one of the most exiting chapters of the Sicilian group.

The artwork has been created by Daniele Cascone (

8 tracks for the new release:

1)      Leaders of Deception
2)      Skeptic Flesh
3)      Neurotic Propaganda
4)      Rotten Spiral (Feat. Tommy Vetterli)
5)      Deathwire
6)      Freikorps
7)      Hysterical God
8)      Final Warning

The release date is set in March. Further details will be disclosed soon.
“Rotten Spiral” release party will take place at Circolo Colony in Brescia (Italy) on Saturday 23 of April 2016. Many are the surprises planned for the occasion, which will certainly be a memorable night.

Sabato 23 Aprile 2016

SCHIZO – “Rotten Spiral” release party
Circolo Colony – Via Romolo Gessi 14

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