Punishment18 Records: BIG NEWS!!!

Punishment18 Records: BIG NEWS!!!

Five new albums by Punishment 18 Records today: three new releases and two reissues!
We are talking about the new album by the thrasher Omicida, “Sacrifice the Bastard Son”: a devasting concentration of thrash metal full of attitude and vehemence.
It’ s also the turn of “Born to Rot in Hell” the new album by the Italian thrasher Razgate: blinding thrash riffs, pressing bone-breaking rhythms, aggressive singing and lots of attitude!
“Home Sweet Hell” by Hateful Agony comes diretcly to your player from Germany. With luxury guests Brian Zimmerman ( Atrophy), Mark Biedermann (Blind Illusion), Vic Stown (Vindicator) and Bobby ‘Leather Lungs’ Lucas (Morbid Sin, Attacker) you will be hit by a wind of unheard-of Teutonic thrash ferocity!
Finally, here are two goodies dusted off for you, lovers of more underground thrash. We have reissued “Emotional Playground” and “Colours” by Finnish technical thrashers Stone… Could be considered a perfect example of evolved thrash thanks to the progressive influences in the sound!
We wish you a great summer: heat, beer and thrash metal like there was no tomorrow!