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Nuclear Aggressor: ‘Condemned to Rot’ details revealed

Nuclear Aggressor: ‘Condemned to Rot’ details revealed

Punishment 18 Records has set a September 29 release date for “Condemned to Rot“, the full-length debut album from the italian thrash metal band Nuclear Aggressor. The band has officially unveiled the details you can see below. The Cd will feature guest appearances by drummer Paolo Crimi (Extrema, BeerBong, Censura) and guitarist Marco Falanga (Overtures, Hammered). Soon new informations.

01. Sudden Mütilation
02. Inexorable Fate
03. The Crippler Strikes Back
04. After the Blaze
05. Nuclear Aggressor
06. Praise to Insanity
07. Ultra-Violent Nightmare
08. E.N.D.
09. The Grave Awaits
10. Condemned to Rot

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