Forged in Blood: on-line the new videoclip ‘Never Pay To Play’

Forged in Blood: on-line the new videoclip ‘Never Pay To Play’

The new video clip ‘Never Pay To Play’ is available below. ‘Never Pay To Play’ is the second single from the homonymous Forged in Blood album released in a few days via Punishment 18 Records. The shooting took place on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Bikers Festival by director Maurizio del Piccolo (Moviedel Productions).

Roberto Liperoti said:
<<It’s a song that we’re very closed to. ‘Never Pay To Play’ does not want to be a warning or a complaint, but only a state of mind. We really know how the music biz works nowadays and for sure, we have no claims, but often certain limits are exceeded that we believe they harm the musician in his dignity. There have been occasions when we found ourselves faced to situations that are really out of ordinary especially with some “businessman” of this environment who have sent us not acceptable proposals, sometimes offensive for a man. Unfortunately these were not isolated cases. This subject is what our song lyrics are focused on. It’s not ours problem, we do not need to perform in front of not intereseted people and we don’t pay to play. It makes no sense, get our middle finger! For info about the new release, cd order or about official merchandise, mp3, live dates, news and everything regarding Forged in Blood, visit our official Facebook page>>.


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