Secret Alliance
Secret Alliance

Secret Alliance starts initially as a solo project of the Italian guitarist and producer
Gianluca Galli already founder and former of Mantra, Time Machine and Silver
Horses, to name a few. Gianluca started working on the songs for the album with
the intention to explore the modern and classic heavy rock sound with some
progressive influences. The drumming needed for such sound had to be very
creative and technical.. and Ricardo Confessori was the right drummer. He joined
immediately with enthusiasm and gave really his best drumming, also playing
patterns and odd tempos never heard before in his bands Angra and Shaman. One
of Gianluca’s dream was to involve one of the greatest bassist of the modern rock
history, Tony Franklin, and Tony was happy to participate as well.
So the Secret Alliance took his form. There are other special guests who joined this
record as Frank Gambale (guitarist of Chick Corea band), one of Gianluca’s
influences, Alex Masi, the italo-american virtuoso guitarist, and two old friends as
Andrea Bartolini, bassist of Mantra, and Andrea Castelli, first bassist of Mantra and
Silver Horses.
The perfect voice for this music is Andrea Ranfagni, one of the most active and
talented singers in Italy in the heavy rock scene, with also a background of
international collaborations as Ian Paice band, Bernie Marsden band, Don Airey,
Glenn Hughes and many others, being singer of Silver Horses too.
The songs have all a common line, a classic hard-heavy rock sound with modern
progressive influences where the guitar riffs are the columns of the songwriting.
All the texts and atmospheres bring to a kind of science-fiction futuristic reality,
touching arguments as the end of the world, the aliens and the secret space
programs, the credences of the masses, the virtual-matrix reality, closing anyway
the CD with a very ancient pray, Abun D’Mashaya, the original sanscrit version of
Our Father, as the last significant sign of hope for humanity and this difficult world
we are living in.