Scream 3 Days

Scream 3 Days were born in Turin in 2010 thanks to Alexxx and J-Kross who, after many experiences with other local bands, decided to give birth to a new reality focused on creating a majestic and powerful sound characterized by surgical drums, sharp riffing, melodic guitars and a strong growling voice.

In 2011, it was recorded at The Grave Studio the first mini-debut album , “The House Without Windows”, which, a little later, will lead to a fruitful collaboration with the label Join This Order for the promotion of the record itself.
The band played several concerts and began to be known in Northern Italy, though the real turning point came when Andrea Signorelli, leader of Braindamage, joined the project Scream3Days as “Kahlenberg”.
The combination of both the experience of Andrea and the two years of hard work in composition, brought eventually the band to record a full-length album, enhanced by the contribution of one of the most influential producers of the death metal industry: Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia Mundi,Destrage, Slowmotion Apocalypse,Babymetal, Blood Stain Child).
The result is “Kolera 666″: 9 songs of intense, dynamic and melodic Death Metal, now also supported by the recent deal with the Eagle Booking Management.