Punishment 18 Records Past Bands

Bejelit born in Italy in 2000 by musicians felt in love with the great 80′s and 90′s metal music of bands like Iron Maiden, Iced Earth and Blind Guardian. Since the beginning of their career, Bejelit work on their own songs.
The band is founded by Sandro Capone (guitars) and Fabio Privitera (vocals). After a little time Giorgio Novarino (bass), Giulio Capone (drums and keyboards) and Daniele Genugu (guitars) join the band.
Bejelit exalt two aspects in their music: both the power of Rhytmics and their catchy melodies.
After a Promo CD entitled “Bones and Evil” recorded in 2002, Bejelit get their first record deal with the label Batlle Hymns/SELF which releases their first album called “Hellgate” in 2004. This album reaches a very good critic’s andaudience’s approval and good selling rates. Magazines and Webzines like Truemetal.it, Metal Hammer, Metal Maniacs, Rock Hard and Metallus.it award this album with excellent reviews and then the band is occupied by an intense live activity.
After this, in 2006 the band records its second album called “Age of Wars”, released by Old Ones Records/SELF which confirms Hellgate’s success.
In 2007 the band starts the composition process for the next album but the lucky live activity doesn’t stop for the entire year, getting an extraordinary audience’s response for a young band as Bejelit. This successful gig activity bring Bejelit to have a wide and loyal fanbase and thank to their vote Bejelit plays live at Metal Camp 2008 side to side with band like Carcass and In Flames.
After this success Bejelit enter into the studio to record their third album “You Die and I…”. In December 2009 the band complete the recording sessions for the new 10 songs which will be in the new album and then Bejelit sign for Punishment 18 Records.
The band has reached anew style level and a very personal sound which uses musical sperimentation and particular instruments like synths, classical piano and a real strings quintet without boundaries.


The italian Death Metal band Collapse Within was born in May 2006 from an idea of the singer Jericho together with the two guitar players Max Morghuer and S8N Henry. The bass player Loic joined them soon, but after countless efforts and tests they could not find a drummer for their project. After a few months of waiting, the Milan band met Ema, an extremely highly talented drummer, who joined them immediately, sharing first of all the Collapse Within Death Metal attitude.
The band gets its inspiration from the 90’s American Death Metal, but with a quite personal and up to date style.
December 2006 they recorded three rough songs and in September 2007 the full-length called “WORLDWIDE EXTINCTION”.
At the beginning of October 2007, the rhythmic guitar player S8N Henry left Collapse Within. After a few intense auditions months, the band picked Ursula to be the new Collapse Within rhythm guitar.
2008 sees the band signing to Punishment 18 Records for the release of the debut album.


The band was set up in August ’99 by Mirco Borghini (vocals) and Leonardo Fusi (guitar). Mirco was a member of the first line-up of Italian black-metallers Lachryma Christi, Leonardo played in Tuscan trashers Spleen, with whom he taped some demo-tapes (“Undfaithfull Trone” 1991, “Spleen” 1993, “Promo-tape 1995” 1995, “Sotto zero” 1998). The project is joined by Francesco Miatto (drums), ex-drummer of Lachryma Christi (with whom he made “In Madness I Wander” demo in 1995). During the September of the same year Giacomo Occhipinti (bass) joins the band (ex-member of Utopia). Since then the band has been looking for a guitarist, but so far without success.
The original will was to create extreme music without mental barriers, staying anyway in the Metal genre. After some live exhibitions, where the band got the right feeling, they decided to realize their first self-producted CD with the title of “REMINISCENCE”. The CD was recorded and mixed from 31/03 to 04/04/2000 in the GRM Studio of Certaldo (FI), by Marco Viciani (who worked also with Eldritch). The CD obtains great responses from the metal magazines. For example in October 2000 it was the “Demo of the Month” in “PSYCHO”, with the excerpt “Heeding Your Heroes (Spill Blood)” of the compilation included with the magazine. In a word, all the copies produced were sold out, and so the band started to become more and more well-known.
Subsequently, the group has concentrated on live performances, with a series of concerts in different parts of Italy. Not to be forgotten moments include that of being supporting band for Tankard and their participation in the official tribute to Chuck Schuldiner with the cover of Symbolic. Coram Lethe also play with Stormlord, Node, Shadows of Steel, Handful of Hate, Dammercide, Arkenemy and many others, finding great aclaim whereever they play.
In the meanwhile the group is concentrating its time on the composition of new songs. In December 2001 the four group members signed a pre-contract with Negatron Rec. (Dammercide, Glacial Fear, Iblis etc.) in order to find foreign distributors and promote their material better. All of this took time and sometimes held up the production of new material, until finally there was a consensus of opinion to separate from the afore-mentioned label. Successive personal problems of some band members which were not connected to the musical sphere put the survival of Coram Lethe in serious jeopardy, but the strong ties between the four members and their belief in their music and style overcame these obstacles and they came back stronger than ever In fact they also made the decision to join up with the well-known Paso (Ephel Duath) in order to create new material. The recording sessions were at Fear Studio in Alfonsine (RA) and Studio 73 in Ravenna, between July and February 2004.
The result is a 10 tracks album, from which a 4 track promo cd is made to search a recording contract.Meanwhile Francesco (guitar, already in Hellwrath and author of one-man-band Impherya) joins the band, fixing definitively the line-up.In March 2004 Coram Lethe reach an agreement with British label Rage of Achilles, for the release of two albums. The partnership ends after a few months for internal label’s problems that has taken ROA to the end of their activity.
In September 2004 Coram Lethe sign a three album deal with finnish label Rising Realm Records.In February 2005 ..THE GATES OF OBLIVION.., Coram Lethe’s debut album, is released, with the distribution worldwide of Crash Music Inc..The band start to organize gigs across Italy and Europe to promote their album and work on new material at the same time.
During this time in 2006 new problems on the road…..for varoius and personal reasons Coram Lethe endures the departure of the second guitar Francesco that was quiet easy replaced by another strong guitarrist like Filippo O. (Dysthymia)..but it’s not all…the more dificult departure of storical voice Mirco makes the things very difficult another time for Coram Lethe.Hard work and never changed passions makes theirs results: at the end of 2006 the band has its new front-’man’! Erica (Harmonic Distortion) join the band as singer and Federico (Over Faith) is the new bass player as session. The new complete line-up is ready with enough new material to make the second release reality!


Death Heaven was born in April 2003 in Schio (Vicenza) from the ashes of the thrash metal group Kaos. For a few months the band continue to propose a speed thrash like Sodom & Slayer, but slowly, with the technical enrichment of the members, they arrive to the actually sound, making a technical & aggressive death metal.
In May 2003 the first demo, produced by Andrea, was recorded, but never released because of a low quality, caused by little time & the inadeguate strumentation.
The on-stage experience started on the 13 & 15 June 2003 with two up coming dates. The live activity continues in spite of some problems in the concerts organization. Until today the band has been exhibited for about 10 times.
In the April 2004 the recording of “Techno Decomposition World”, produced by Andrea, started. The drum tracks was to be the first to be recorded, afterwards, in May & June, the guitars, bass & voice tracks was added. In the middle of July the mixing of the demo was finished and it is continually enriched & getting better. The releases were slowed by various problems & after some changes it was released on the night of the 12 February 2005, in occasion of the opening concert for the Horrid.
The first 50 hand-numbered copies are sold out in one week and the group proceeded with the printing of other copies, bound to be distributed to magazines & webzines. “Techno Decomposition World” contain seven songs plus an instrumental intro.
During 2007 the band enters the studio to record its first full length, Viral Apocalypse, and signs a deal with Punishment 18 Records for the release of the album, that takes place in December 2007.


Bleeding Tide project started in december 2004, with the meeting of two perfect unknown guys ( Marcello Lega and Riccardo Lovotti) at the italian music festival TENDENZE in piacenza . Speaking about their musical preferences , they discovered a common passion for estreme metal..precisely for death metal Few days after Marcello ( lead/ rithm guitars) and Riccardo ( drums) starter to look for other components. Suddenly Marco Benedetti ( rithm/ lead guitars ) and Michele Cavalli ( bass ) reply to the quest, and then they started to play togheter. Few months later the band was looking for the last component: the singer. . When Riccardos brother , Filippo, reply , adn the band was ultimated.
Bleeding Tide created a personal sound that follows great and famous bands like, Obituary, Death, and Sepultura ( in the first formation..!) and more.
Unfortunately Filippo leaved B.T. and Marco bracciale replaced him the singing style changed from growling to screaming..
They started to play in their city ( Piacenza) in the underground scene. In july 2005 their first cd_demo called I.S.E.T. was registered at mofo studio , it dures 17.00 minutes , contains 5 songs .
In september 2005 they win a selection for open to TENDENZE music festival in PC, and open to bands like NECRODEATH, RAW POWER and CRIPPLE BASTARD. Unfortunately the festival was posticipated because there was bad weather.
Few days after Michele leaves the band for a sperimental/metal project.. and we all hope that it will be a great project!! Good luck!
At the moment Bleeding Tide uses a diffrent bassist for the coming shows and have changed name in EDEMA, and in 2006 they’ve registered a new demo (( criosota)) at elfo studio, 3 songs for a total of 16 minutes.. in summer 2007 edema opened the inpiccì festival day 2 with EXTREMA , in winter 2007 edema opened to slowmotion apocalypse @ for sale club, and in summer 2008 edema opened to NECRODEATH in tendenze festival ’08! the band is still hard-working on the upcoming full-lenght more nevrotic and furios than the whole other releases! if you’ve enjoyed


Endovein started their career in their hometown, Turin, in December 2004 due to a Marco “Swolley” idea. The first line up was composed by Giordie & Paulus (guitars), Fabio (drums), Stefano “Divano” as a vocalist and the founder member as the bass player. Endovein are influenced by bands like Forbidden, Testament, Megadeth & Anthrax with a particular attention for technical riffs and complex structures.
After few months the band decided to publish their first amateur demo “Lesson1: How To Put Jack In The Amp”, recorded with a very poor audio quality, but good enough to allow them to make some shows in Italy with some local underground bands.
In 2007 was released the second demo called “Problem Of Humanity”, from now on the band began to know better what will be her best friend: … the bad luck! In fact the drummer decided to quit, after being replaced by Stefano Cavallotto, and after few gigs played around the north of Italy, the fate decided to strike again Endovein and also Marco and Giordie decided to quit, replaced by the 80’s lover Mirko Negrino (bass) and the talented guitarist Vincenzo Colla who joined the Italian tour in 2008.
In this tour the band even had the possibility to share the stage with UK thrash legends Onslaught! After few months, just few days before the recording session of the forthcoming EP, the line up changed again, the drummer Stefano was fired by the band, due to a very embarrassing behavior during a concert… according to his story, the band decided to entitle the release “Lynched By Fate”, it had a great number of positive reviews and allowed the band to make an Italian tour with their new drummer Daniele Ilardi. Endovein were contacted for some shows, one of them at “Revenge Of True Metal Fest” and one with Onkel Tom Angelripper at 2010 new year’s day.
As soon as 2010 started, “Punishment 18 Records” decided to give them a chance and to publish their debut album, entitled “Waiting For Disaster”!! Once again the bad luck chosen the band as her favorite victim and just after the full-length was released Vincenzo decided to quit with Endovein. Anything will stop these 4 charismatic guys that just want to write, play and publish their music… anything except a fuckin’ Maya prophecy!


Formed by the two young guitarists Alessio Garavello and Fabio Cavallaro during May 1996, the thrash metal band called Deluge started to perform some of the most famous bay-area thrash metal hits of the ’80 written by Metallica and Megadeth. Between 1996 and 2002 the band line-up has changed many times trying to reach the perfect alchemy and during the summer of 2002 the italian thrash metal band Ground Control was finally formed.
Ground Control started to write some original stuff by the end of 2002 following the path of some of the most important bands of the bay-area thrash metal scene (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Testament) and mixing this powerful style with the U.s.a. hard rock melodies.
During November 2004, GC have recorded the first demo called “Demo 2k5″ at Remaster Studio (Vi) Italy and then decided to return Remaster Studio during October 2005, to give life to the first full-length entitled “Insanity” that included 10 tracks.
Unfortunately, in November 2007, Alessio has decided to leave the band for personal reasons and the group auditioned some musicians to fill this void.
After long and hard audutions, on July 2008, GC announces the new line-up directly from hell: Marco Vighini (Lead Vocals), Fabio Cavallaro (Guitars & Backing Vocals), Giovanni Scardoni (Guitars), Giovanni Raddi (Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals) and Fabio Perini (Drums).
Again, after a few live concerts giving fresh lifeblood and consolidation to this new crew, the band decided to write some brand new material that finally took them to record it at Remaster Studios, as for “Insanity” album, giving life to the successor of the previous work. The new album called “Dragged” includes 10 tracks and it will be released from Punishment 18 Records.


Blend together a fine mixture of Thrash metal, Rock ‘n’ roll, and Hardcore….drown it all in gallons of beer…What you end up with is… Hatework
There’s not much to say, you just have to listen now…
Everything began in 1996 and the live activity, a matter of great importance until now, was already up and going.
After a little bit more than one year the band record their debut album, as yet unreleased because of problems between the band and the label. After this bad experience it was not easy to start again with dedication, but after that the decision was made and HATEWORK kept getting gigs, playing live and composing the tracks that ended up on the “THRASHERS’ ATTACK” demo in 2000.
Most part of 2000 and 2001 were spent in promoting the band’s demo on a live basis, and composing tracks for another 2-track promo demo which eventually got the band a deal with the Germany based label WITCHES’ BREW RECORDS: in 2002 “MADBENT FOR DISASTER”, the first official HATEWORK CD, was finally released
During 2002 and 2003 the live activity was running wild for the band, who got the support slot for important acts such as Raw Power, Tankard, Necrodeath, Dismember among others.
2003 saw the band taking part to a bunch of compilation albums, a split 7” for the Italian underground label Dream Evil Records.
2004 saw the release of the 2nd LP “THRASH ‘N’ ROLL for the U.S. label Beercity rec. (just wih D.R.I. VERBAL ABUSE and other cult thrash-core bands!)


Kadavar was born ufficialy in January 2007, from the ashes of “Bleeding Eyes”, in which Lorenzo Bidoli and Luka Colucci played Thrash Metal, and started to move to a more Death Metal Old School Sound as Morbid Angel, Obituary, Carcass and Death. With many songs ready, after a few months writing Kadavar entered Love Centers Studios in Milan for recording the first Demo, Modern Vision Of Human Madness.
Then the band played at Iced Tears festival, where they played the demo for the first time, but in the same month Stefano Venir left Kadavar, and Luca Braggion joined the Band as Solo Guitar.
In December 2007 another line-up change: Filippo Mantovani left for Davide Bacchetta behind the drumkit. With this line-up “Conjuring The Void” EP was recorded in Kaomao Studios in Milan and Kadavar received great reviews from specialized magazines.
After a few months Kadavar signed to Punisment 18 Records as well as re-entering Kaomao Studios for recording the debut album selftitled, Kadavar, mixed at 16th cellar studios in Rome. In spring 2009 Kadavar, the debut album, has been officially released.
Currently the band has line-up problems, after the drummer Davide quit.


Legen Beltza was born in 1998, inmediately they released “Ziztu Bizian”, their very first demo. After a year playing shows around the basque country they recorded a new demo, leading to a deal with the basque label “IZ Rock” for their debut album Istorio Triste bat (2001-IZ Rock). In the promotion tour of this album they began growing step by step in the basque metal scene. They also got very good reviews from the nationally known metal magazines.
Sharing stage with some famous local bands opened their eyes and they decided to change the language to english, expanding horizons to the world. After recoding some demos in English and sending them to worldwide labels, Jeff Waters was interested on working with Legen Beltza, and at the same time they closed a good deal with Arizona based Crash Music Inc.(USA), releasing their debut album in English Insanity (2003-Crash Music). With this new album, they had the chance to open for bands like Napalm Death or Exodus, establishing their thrasher status in Spain and catching the eye of the international media.
A really poor distribution in Spain of Insanity lead to re-edit it in Spain with a bonus live DVD called Total Insanity (2005-El Diablo). With this release they reached whole Spain, and in the promotional tour they played some festivals with bands like Iron Maiden, Slayer, Dream Theater, etc.
With the experience obtained with this tour and due to the poor relationship with Crash Music, they decided to change of label once more, this time signing a two album deal with the legendary Belgium based Mausoleum Records, releasing their third work Dimension Of Pain (2006 – Mausoleum Records). DOP has been distributed in Europe, USA and Canada, and has received really good reviews, especially in Germany, Netherlands and Spain. The first part of the promotional tour of DOP concluded with about 25 gigs before summer, headlining most of them through all Spain, Thrash Attack 1 (Madrid), Thrashcelona (Barcelona), and opening for other great bands in others, just to mention the apotheosic night with the German thrash masters Destruction in Durango.
After a break they are in the second assault of the DOP tour, having already played in Albacete, Thrash Attack 2 (Seville) and some other cities. There are some gigs to confirm yet, but they’re playing some very interesting gigs opening for the Swedish metal bros Nightrage through Spain, and some festivals here and there, one in France, another one in HMH 5 in Valencia…


Los Pirates were born in Bergamo, Italy, in the fall of 2001; the band plays an essential heavy metal that takes inspiration from the NWOBHM. In 2003 the Pirates recorded a demo cd that opened them the doors for a lot of live shows. This helped them spreading their name and gaining some local fan-base: their fans founded indeed “the euphoric galleon crew”.
In the following years Los Pirates refined their musical style and, always sticking to the heavy metal, they tried to mix progressive rock and stoner influences into their music. With the current lineup the pirates entered recording studios again in 2009 to give birth to their first full lenght, “Heavy Piracy”. The sound of new album takes inspiration from the big bands of heavy music like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Rainbow, Candlemass and Black Sabbath, but also from Italian progressive rock from the ’70s (Biglietto Per L’Inferno, Goblin, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso).
A new wave of live shows has been planned to support the new album release and the galleon will weigh anchors for Heavy Metal! This is, summing up, the band’s story, the rest is up to those who will be supporting Los Pirates music… each pirate can join the crew and play and important role in the Galleon sailing.


Formed as a three-piece under the name Metalegion with Andy Napierksi on bass and vocals and Josh Callis-Smith only playing guitar. When Tom Britton left in 2006 two new guitarists were brought in and Callis-Smith began to perform vocals only.
Matt Walker left the band in 2010 but then returned as drummer to replace Tom Small. There have been no founding members left in the band since Josh Callis-Smith departed around the same time.
Pitiful Reign split up after playing a final gig with Josh Callis-Smith on September 9th, 2011.


The Subliminal Crusher project started in the winter of 2002, when Jerico (bass) and Rod (drums) decided to start working on a thrash metal project with english lyrics, along with their original italian-lyrics thrash metal band S.R.L..
After recruiting Elvys (Kerosene, Lizard) on guitars amd Tooz on vocals, they started writing their first songs. Soon after writing the lyrics, the band entered a local recording studio for their first EP: “LIFE DROUGHT”, still hailed today as one of the most ferocious debut from an italian thrash band, thanks to songs like “History” and the title-track. The lineup was completed by the arrival of long-time friend Stefano “HwK”, filling the 2nd guitar slot and promptly managing mixing and mastering duties for the EP.
After a devastating run of live dates (together with acts such as SADUS, DARKANE, DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED, NECRODEATH, THE DEFACED, SADIST, STORMLORD, NODE etc), on September 2005 Subliminal Crusher gave birth to their self-produced 1st full-length for NewLM Records, ANTITHESIS, distributed in Italy by Masterpiece, The album, whose tracks “Affection”, “Technocratic”, “Unfertile” and “I.R.A.Q.” still form the backbone of every Subcrush live show, was once again mixed and mastered by HwK himself and received rave reviews all over Europe, elevating the band from the status of “best-kept secret of the underground” to the italian metal mainstream.
In the summer of 2008, after some lineup changes which brought Marco “Panda” (S.R.L., Light Silent Death guitarist) and Steph (Withate, Thin Wire Unlaced singer) into the band, Subliminal started recording the follow-up to Antithesis, choosing to once again let the mixing job into HwK’s hands but pinning mastering guru Goran Finnberg (Opeth, The Haunted, Darkane and countless others) for the final touches to what was shaping up to be Subliminal Crusher’s most violent and uncompromising record, “ENDVOLUTION” (Punishment18 Records). The album, hailed as one of 2008′s best metal records by most of the media, was released on November 20th during an italian tour together with their friends and swedish thrash masters DARKANE (whose lead guitarist Christofer Malmstrom played a memorable solo on the Subliminal Crusher track “The Visionaire pt.1″).
Subliminal Crusher’s activities slowed down during spring/summer of 2009 due to joyful events in the SubCrush family (both Rod and Steph became fathers), but on 1st August the band got back on the road playing a massive show at the Armageddon metal Fest, which also worked as a (highly successful) testbed for the newest member of the Subcrush family, Andy (Withate, Stick it Out guitarist) replacing Panduk.
With renewed energies and ideas, the band has planned a huge list of live gigs and events for the winter season, while already hard at work on the follow-up to “Endvolution”, tentatively out in the Summer of 2010.


Not far away from the town where Nuclear Symphony raised (ex SPV/Steamhammer band), URTO was born in 2000. It is a Thrash metal band initially featuring Mimmo Saladino (Guitar/Vocals) and Jaco Tractor (Drums). The frantic riffing comes from the immoderate drinking of Dreher and Partanna (a little town in the west of Sicily) which is quite famous for that. A year after, the bass player Francesco Gioia joins the band and, the following year, it’s Alessandro Olivo’s turn (Lead guitar). After some performances, it’s time to change: Alessandro and Jaco get out of the band. As a consequence of that, Mimmo (during the making of the kubrickian “Full Heavy metal Jacket”) realizes that the band needs a real singer and he wants to concentrate on the riffing.
In 2001, Peppe Campisi (from the blacksters Sterminio) joins the band and he instils new life into the songs with his raving but accurate drumming. Urto’s sound is enriched by Giovanni Labita, a pianist coming from the Academy of music, who decides to break his wrists: it’s important to notice that his plots on lead guitar perfectly suit the style of the band. The line-up is complete when Alessandro Olivo decides to enter the band again but this time as a singer! With this line-up, the band plays at the Golisano Rock in summer 2002.
Afterwards, Alessandro leaves the band because of his own power-speed metal band Ancestral, but the result of the consequent auditions is not satisfactory. In spite of that, Urto go on and this perseverance rewards the band: in summer 2003, Alessandro comes back home and it’s time to record “Numbers”, the first chapter of the band, a fucking mosaic of frenetic guitar riffs and anti-power lyrics (the lyrics are not against Usa – as someone said – they clash with the overpowering action of the Western powers).
2004 – The E.P. “Numbers” increases the band’s reputation: terrific reviews in Italy, Germany and Poland welcome this release.
2005 – The band plays at the Delirium festival and wins the first edition of the Sicilian Rock Festival.
2006 – The band begins to compose new songs but, in the meantime, it’s time to play live because of the Italian Metal Battle 2006, a competition featuring over 250 bands from all the nation. Urto reaches the semifinal , playing at the “Circolo degli Artisti” (where Sadus, Darkane and Obituary played) in Rome with other bands. The Italian Metal jury chooses URTO and the band comes to the final which takes place in Brescia during the Evolution Festival. Finally, the band is placed second (the local grinders Cadaveric Crematorium wins the national competition for a few points) but the band shares the stage with Death Angel, Saxon, Destruction, Nile, Atheist and it gives life to a devastating thrash attack which drives the Italian kids insane.
2008 – Urto composes and records new material and has the chance to be included into “Get Thrashed” documentary soundtrack!
2009 – Urto signs to Punishment 18 Records for the release of their album which is due out on May 05.