Forged in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Harlott are the finest example of the thrash metal genre in recent years taking most of their influence from the 80’s bay area thrash, they focus on high energy, up tempo music with lyrical influence from the human condition.
Unrivaled live concerts, an aggressive recognizable sound and professional musicianship have earned Harlott a strong and dedicated fan base in the Melbourne metal scene which still continues to grow to this day.
Harlott will not only impress new audiences in and outside of the heavy metal genre, but they will also succeed in taking the fans back to the golden age of metal.

HARLOTT – Line Up:

  • Tom Richards – Bass, Vocals (backing)
  • Dan Van Twest – Drums
  • Andrew Hudson – Guitars (lead), Vocals (lead)
  • Ryan Butler – Guitars (lead)